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Build your own zoo, entertain your guests, and continue to expand your park! Share your park with your friends and collaborate together to create your perfect zoo!

Build your own Zoo, entertain guests, and expand!

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What is Online Zoo Builder?

Online Zoo Builder is a FREE to play online zoo building game that can be played on iOS, Android, or in your browser! Collaborate with your friends and build your ultimate dream zoo, discover and purchase new animals and attractions to keep your guests happy, and manage your zoo to ensure profitability. Updated weekly with new animals, tiles, and attractions! Do you have what it takes to build the zoo of your dreams?

Who created Online Zoo Builder and why?

Drennan Software created Online Zoo Builder in 2009 under the name "Flash Zoo Builder." The game started out as a simple drag and drop zoo creation game and evolved into a full fledged online game in 2012. The game idea came to Matt Drennan, founder of Drennan Software, while playing Zoo Tycoon. He wanted to create a similar game played in the web browser using Flash technologies. Mobile phones started to become popular and Flash started to become less and less popular, and Online Zoo Builder was abandoned in 2014. In 2018, Online Zoo Builder was re-written in HTML 5 utilizing the Phaser 3 Framework, and brought back to life with new features, massive performance improvements, and mobile phone support.


You donate to charity?

10% of all profits generated by Online Zoo Builder are donated to Wildlife Conservation Society.

We Donate

10% of all proceeds
go to Wildlife Conservation

We care about the wildlife that we share the world
with. 10% of all proceeds generated by this game
will be donated to Wildlife Conservation Society.