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Latest News And Updates

Android App Released!

 We have released Online Zoo Builder on Android. Download it on the Google Play Store today!Click here to view Online Zoo Builder on the Google Play Store.An iOS app will be released soon! Stay tuned!...

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v.1.0 Released

We are proud to announce version 1.0 is released and Online Zoo Builder is no longer in early access! The game is still a work in progress and we need your feedback! We are fixing bugs and issues as we go along, while creating new content. E-mail us at matt@drennansoftware.com with your suggestions and bug reports. All accounts and games prior to v.1.0 have been deleted due to major changes to the system.Here are some new updates in v.1.0:Dinosaurs now spawn in eggsImproved desktop and mobile we...

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Latest Patch

We are almost ready to release the latest version of Online Zoo Builder. Here are the current changes that have been added to the live game for you to try:-Added billboard (scenery)-Added table (scenery)-Added bench (scenery)-Changed research building management. You can now use the research building to unlock bonuses at level 10. You can get double money, extra zoo tokens, mow the lawn and clean paths less perk, and produce extra food. In-game money required to obtain and takes a week to resear...

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Coming soon...

We have taken into account your suggestions and are almost ready to release our next version of the game. This should bring us into the beta stage of development. Here is a list of features added:All animals and guests are fully animatedAll text buttons (EX: [PLAY]) have been converted to imagesAdded vet buildingImplemented animal health. When an animals health falls below 30, the player must build or have a vet building. Once built, the player can click on the animal, and then press the send to...

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We Donate

10% of all proceeds
go to Wildlife Conservation

We care about the wildlife that we share the world
with. 10% of all proceeds generated by this game
will be donated to Wildlife Conservation Society.