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[QUICK] Coming soon...

We have taken into account your suggestions and are almost ready to release our next version of the game. This should bring us into the beta stage of development. Here is a list of features added:All animals and guests are fully animatedAll text buttons (EX: [PLAY]) have been converted to imagesAdded vet buildingImplemented animal health. When an animals health falls below 30, the player must build or have a vet building. Once built, the player can click on the animal, and then press the send to...

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[UPDATE] Animations incoming

Just a quick video to share with you guys. We have started work on animating all the animals and guests in the game. This will be a lengthy process converting all the sprites to an animated format due to having to make the animations and then programming in the animations to the game....

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[NEWS] Latest Updates

I am currently fine tuning the game based on your feedback. Please e-mail me at with your suggestions or post your comment on this Reddit post.My main priority at the moment is upgrading the game engine  (Phaser 3.12.0) to the latest Phaser version (3.16.2). The latest Phaser version brings many new features which I could add and allows myself to re-look existing features and improve on them, such as a true full screen mode and ability to disallow ...

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[NEWS] Online Zoo Builder Remastered

Online Zoo builder is a FREE to play online zoo building game that can be played anywhere! Play using your Apple, Android, or computer. Collaborate with your friends and build your ultimate dream zoo, discover and purchase new animals and attractions to keep your guests happy, and manage your zoo to ensure profitability. Updated weekly with new animals, tiles, and attractions! Do you have what it takes to build the zoo of your dreams?Created using Phaser 3.10.1. Online Zoo Builder has onlin...

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We Donate

10% of all proceeds
go to Wildlife Conservation

We care about the wildlife that we share the world
with. 10% of all proceeds generated by this game
will be donated to Wildlife Conservation Society.